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Integrate your BreatheHR account with Slack and Teams

The world of work is changing, we’re no longer always colocated or even working at the same time. It’s all too easy to lose track of who’s working when, to let key celebrations pass by unmarked or for culture to fizzle out.

Relay helps modern teams stay connected and enhance culture, no matter where or when you work.

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How to get started with Relay

Simply connect your BreatheHR account and Relay will automatically send notifications to your Slack or Teams workspace.

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7 notification types

Multiple notifications including a daily absence digest, birthdays, anniversaries and new starters. Get early warnings of celebrations so you can plan ahead.

Works with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Connect your Slack or Teams workspaces and choose which channels to send each notification to.

No data entry required

Automatically syncs with your BreatheHR account so no extra work is required.

Customisable messages

Every team is different, make Relay speak your language.

Choose your time

Pick the time of the day that’s best for you for each type of notification.

Choose the notifications you need

Enable and disable the notifications you want to receive.

What others think of Relay

  • The SME HR world is buzzing at the integration between BreatheHR and Microsoft Teams/Slack! Relay is a perfect tool to optimise the information in BreatheHR to improve communication within teams and organisations. We are really enjoying it at ViewHR and so are our clients โ€“ donโ€™t get left behind!

    Gemma Murphy @ View HR
    Gemma Murphy Director @ View HR Limited
  • We love Relay and the seamless integration between Breathe HR and Slack. It automatically alerts us with timely reminders and daily information about team members. Allowing us to plan ahead for birthdays, anniversaries and annual leave, and crucial daily comms for sickness and non-working days. It's a game-changer!

    Jessica Bain
    Jessica Bain Owner @ Halo Marketing
  • As an MSP with a number of clients using different collaboration tools and with team members located around the world, keeping on top of what should be simple day to day tasks such as who is in the office, off sick or on holiday is a common challenge, heaven forbid you forget someone's birthday! With Relay this task has become so much simpler! The quick and simple setup was a breeze, we had it setup in MS Teams within minutes and when the first birthday rolled around only a few days later, everyone was able to congratulate the Birthday boy right there within Teams (from around the globe)! We have already started recommending Relay to our clients who have Breathe and Teams or Slack.

    Steve Cole @ Net Primates
    Steve Cole Managing Director @ Net Primates
  • Relay has been a game changer for us at Ookkee. We operate a results only work environment, so this helps our team know who is available on any given day. This saves the frustration of emailing people when they are away from the office and expecting to get a reply. We have also set up a Gifts team who are notified a week before any Birthdays, Anniversaries or New Starters, love it!

    Paul Clarke @ Ookkee
    Paul Clarke Founder at Ookkee
  • Relay has managed to create this vital link for us between Breathe and our day-to-day comms. Its seamless integration means the entire team can keep up to date with what's happening in the business and keep them in the loop of important Birthdays/Anniversaries. Gone are the days of manually updating the entire team through a shared calendar.

    Chris Stones @ Mitchell & Stones
    Chris Stones Operations Director @ Mitchell & Stones
  • We've been early adopters of Relay, and love the fact that it's quick and simple to set up with Slack. We're a mostly remote team, and Relay has helped us to build community within the team by popping up with key events in our shared channel. It's a great way for everyone to stay in touch with what's going on without needing to remember to check for new events and manually post them.

    Chris Whyley
    Chris Whyley Director @ Zamzar
  • We have been using Relay at our growing SEO agency. It easily integrates with Breathe HR and Slack. We created a โ€˜staffโ€™ channel within Slack and connected Relay to this. Each morning weโ€™re quickly updated on the team, whoโ€™s working remotely, in office, holiday, off-sick etc, along with anniversaries and birthdays. I highly recommend Relay for businesses and team managers for these nice quick updates.

    Ben Sisson @ Targeted SEO
    Ben Sisson Managing Director @ Targeted SEO
  • Relay is a well designed Slack extension providing daily insight to our team, that can help staff to plan their day more effectively.

    Nathan Monk
    Nathan Monk SMILE
  • Relay is fantastic! As a distributed team with varied working patterns it can be hard to remember who's working on any given day. Relay solves this with automated messages directly into our Slack workspace and also encourages us to celebrate important team milestones. It's simple to setup and easy to customise to match the Rareloop tone of voice.

    Joe Lambert
    Joe Lambert Director @ Rareloop
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